Tips On Rodent Removal And How To Rodent Proof Your Home

Tips On Rodent Removal And How To Rodent Proof Your Home

The funny think about rodents is that they have an adorable demeanor with their cuteness and fluffiness. Some people will find mice, rats, squirrels, and raccoons cute, while others find them disgusting. But whatever you stand on the matter, the fact of the matter is these animals are destructive by nature, hence the need for rodent removal.

Allow them to find a place to live and procreative, and they will run you out of your home. They are like the annoying next-door kids who constantly come over to your place, stay past dinner, and want to use everything in your house when and how they want. Therefore, you need to put a stand against such unwelcome and unruly visitors.

Figure Out Why Rodents Are Invading Your Home

Food, warmth, and a place to procreate are the three primary things that can drive these animals to call your home theirs. And they mostly want to find a suitable place to live in when the temperature drops as the cold season draw near. Your home will be what they consider the ideal nesting place if they find favorable conditions (food and warmth). They may want to nest in your home’s insulation, the attic, or basement, depending on their size and preferences. Therefore, your first step to removing the rodents is to know what draws them to your home.

Know Which Pest Control Measures Are Effective

Rodents are pests, and you need to view and deal with them as such. However, you should keep in mind that there are pros and cons of any pest control method that you will decide to use. Knowing the merits and drawbacks of the removal and control methods to use will ensure you make the right decision. Your rodent elimination options include:

• Traps – They are the most common choice when it comes to rodent removal. Some of them, like the snap traps, are designed to kill. Conversely, others such as the glue-boards are meant to capture the animals. Given the how sensitive the snares are and the risk they pose, it is wise to set them in a secure place away from children.

• Poisons – The use of chemicals that will kill the rodents might be useful in getting rid of these animals, but it has its pitfalls. For instance, the rodents will not eat foods laced with poisons because they have very acute senses. And if the animals manage to eat the laced food and move away, they might die in very hard to reach places making clean-up a huge hassle. Therefore, you should know which poisons are the best to use for which type of rodent.

• Pest Control Services – If you try the first two options but still find these annoying animals causing havoc in your home, then you should consider calling in the professionals. The pest control specialists will be your best bet if you want to win the war against the invading rodents.

Put Up The Right Defense

Once the rodent removal efforts have bore fruit, you should proof it against these animals so that they do not find their way back into your property. Your preventive measures will include:

• Locating and blocking all entry points

• Ensuring there are no sources of food and habitation places for the rodents in your home

• Spray a repellant solution on areas where these animals might want to dig or find food

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