How to Get Rid Of Bees

Bees can be a mild irritation or a cause for serious concern. Hives or swarms that invade a home or property can pose a significant threat. Bees stings are toxic and while in most people, a sting can be painful, in others, these stings can have severe consequences or even be fatal.

Bee venom causes the release of histamines in the body to counteract the sting. Histamines result in inflammation or swelling. This is the reason a red bump appears after being stung by a bee. In some cases, primarily where a person is allergic to bee venom, swelling can take place in other areas of the body, shutting down the airways.

Multiple bee stings are also hazardous as the increased dose of venom can be life-threatening. A hive or a swarm, when aggravated, will deliver multiple stings if they feel their hive or queen is under threat.

If you have bees on your property, it is highly recommended to get rid of them as soon as possible to avoid painful stings and the more serious consequences of be venom.

How To Get Rid Of Bees?

There are a number of different ways to get rid of bees:

  1. Elimination

Toxic pesticides can be used to eliminate bees effectively. However, this method is only used when the hazardous risk is considered to be extreme. Bees form a critical part of the ecosystem and have huge commercial value so killing them is not preferable. The toxins that are used in the process can also be harmful to the environment, humans, pets, wildlife and other insects.

  1. Bee Removal

The most popular means to get rid of bees is to have them safely removed and relocated. Beekeepers or professional bee relocation specialists often offer this service at a minimal cost or no charge at all. This is because the bees will either be relocated to their honey farm where they can contribute to making honey and beeswax or they will be sold. Bees are commonly sold to the agricultural sector to perform the critical task of pollination.

  1. Bee Deterrents

Bees are attracted to the sweet perfume of flowers where they source pollen. Eliminating sweet smelling flowers will therefore reduce the attraction of bees. Introducing harsh or bitter odors can also help repel bees like cloves. peppermint oil or catnip. Bee repellents are best used on the skin to prevent stings.

Smoke is also an effective means to deter bees. The smoke makes it difficult for bees to absorb oxygen making them sleepy and calm and in some cases suffocating them. Smoke is a good way to calm bees in order to handle or get rid of a hive or comb in or near the home. However, it is highly recommended to leave bee removal up to the experts.

Last but not least insulation is important. Proper insulation will cover all holes that bees can use to gain access to a structure and fill spaces where they might build a comb or hive.

Call bee removal specialists to find out more about how to get rid of bees and prevent them from returning.

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